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October 15, 2008



oh my goodness I LOVE the face of his face. And so awesome that he will have such a loving home! He looks like he has the softest spot-behind-his-ears ever, scritch them for me and give him a kiss right on that adorable tiny black nose for me!
(ps I first saw my Molly on petfinder.com too!)

Christina MacNeil

How adorable. Greg and Mac should get Hinckley and Murray together for a play date.

Diane Duda

he's beautiful.
i love your little owl too!

celeste rockwood-jones

you two looks so cute together! hinckley is adorable.


What a sweetie!

We too have a rescued doggie that has now been with us for 15 years. She is a sweetheart! What would I do without her?

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