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January 12, 2010


Carolee Jones

he is adorable...your a lucky 'grandma'? wow that sounds odd..but yah, HE IS CUTE~!

natalie m

Ack!!! Is he standing?!?!?! SO cute!


He's a heartbreaker, all right! No wonder you love him so much.


sooo sweet! i can't believe how big. you're a lucky young "GG"!!

Abby Goff

LORI!!!! It's Abby Goff (Prodnuk). How are ya? Easton is so precious...what a beautiful blessing for your family :) Hope things are well with you and yours.

lorraine lewis

Lorie our Grandsons are about the same age and yes he is adorable just as cute as my little guy!!!!

I had so much fun at art group, thank you so much for teaching that wonderful class.


He is the cutest little guy!

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